Not The Small Still Voice
Intensity burns, 
Burning in Me, 
Burning Me, 
The Fire-Need 
To see Life’s Ways,
The Paths to 
Lifes’ Completions. 

The Now or the 
Next, to Connect 
To Me, Across 
Lives. Time, 
I breathe in 
The Scents, 
Odors from
The Air of 
Here and There, 
Of Then and Now. 
The Gods and 
The Sisters do not,
Let Me read the 
Spiral before Me. 

My Name is 
Ocean’s Roar. 
The Ears of the 
The Daughters of
The Gods that 
Went Before, Hear, 
Many tremble, 
Many scream, 
Then flee in 
Fear of drowning.

My Name is 
Lion Burning. 
Do You Hear, 
My Roar across 
The ‘Now’ of 
Now in all 

Do You See
The Colours of 
My Roar in
Your Blood?

My Name is
Gryphon Skirl.
I Soar across
Dare You
Take Wing
And when I Fly,
Fly with Me?

Do You Vibrate
To My Call?
Dare You Walk
Into my Space?
Does Your Path
And Mine Resonate?

Are You , The Child
Of Destiny
Come for Me?
Are You to Bring, 
In Blood,
Destiny’s Child
To Me?

Can Your Heat,
Your Heartfire,
Meet, Merge with, 
Not be Subsumed
By Mine?

Then touch My
Take My Hand,
Let Us Travel
Through This,
Our Now, 
Our Paths meld 

Published in Pivot