The Fun's Back
Let me tell you , folks,
I was troubled, worried sick.
These guys were upsetting me.
It was making me really ill.
All this heavy stuff about Bill.

They had a point or two,
A bit of what they were saying,
Well, by golly, it was true.
And I tell you, I pondered some.
Then trying to be lighter, I mused.

Holy Toledo! What was I to do?
This Bill Stuff seemed to be
Taking all the 'fun' out of
Fundamentalism, it just wasn't
The same. Then a Voice came to me:

'Don't worry, son. I'll take care
Of it for you.' At once at ease,
I waited for the restoration,
The radical Right's redemption.
Sure enough, the Voice delivered.

There! That one! The one with
The purse! The Purple one, there!
That one with the upside down
Triangle on its head. Tinky Winky,
The Teletubie, it's a faggot, it's gay!

Hallelujah! My Voice doesn't lie!
It always 'truths' me. Yes, I see,
Even lunatics that generally amuse,
Can be right, on a few things even
Sometimes, but I shouldn't fear.

Partial sanity for them always is
A sometimes thing, it doesn't last.
And the magic is back, once again!
They're back to being really Right.
Yes, the 'fun' is really back, folks.

Back where it truly belongs, returned
Once more, no more Dementalism. Whole
Again, fundamentalism is fun! So people,
Hear me wherever you are, if you have a
Glass, raise it in a heartfelt toast:

To the Right Reverend Jerry Falwell,
Who puts the Fun back in Fundamentalism!

Published in Nomad’s Choir