Thump Thump

I tell ya, I was sitting in a little store,
A coffee shop, to be exact, deep in thought,
Searching for magic words to express a 
Wonderous vision. 

A delightful image I held in my mind,
When the floor began to shake, to vibrate.
It seemed to let out echoing groans and

My coffeecup started a slow dance on the 
Counter. My chair, a bar stool type, it 
Bounced; my chair, it rocked. I was afraid
It might even roll.

My backside was jolted, it felt every
Reverberating footquake made by the ‘two-pack’
Of three years olds that thundered through the

Who was the creep,
That spoke of ‘the pitter-patter
Of little feet?’

That jerk had no children,
Or his floor was concrete. 

Published in Moroccan Star Poetry