Tonight World

The bartender has to find some candles for me.
I need the light, I’ve words to lay down about
This tonight world, the unreality that I’m in
Settles round my mind here, in Brooklyn U.S.A.

Time sense disappears into overheard tid-bits,
Conversations, little tete-a-tetes. Funny how
That French phrase does and doesn’t fit this
Mixed artist and blue collar scene. But then,

This is Sunny’s place, Tone’s space; Never could
Words such as ‘bucolic,’ or ‘rustic’ name this
Tune, rather, picture a mix; white-haired old men
Wearing berets, the one hand clutches a cane, 

The other holds a drink or cigarette, turned now
Young again, talking with women transported form
Some bistro in an imaginary France, trying to be
The Scene, and talking with each other animatedly.

A craftsman gets high to write his novel, which 
Will be a masterpiece. Non-jock students manage
To mingle, confusing everybody as to what is and 
Isn’t real, but after all, this is the nineties.

There’s more types, and actual people here, so I 
Push myself into a mental frame, to fit into the 
Place and mingle, too, until Tone tosses a Bossa
Onto the tape machine, Gilberto or Jobim tonight

Then I fugue, trying for an otherwhen in my
Mind, not just some other place, after all, I 
Chose to be here, not the other place. If I 
Wanted to have another scene, I’d hop into the

Car and be there. No, it’s definitely another
When, maybe another world. Hey, maybe that’s 
What I need, to mount an untimebound Pegasus,
Flash back to a monumented moment of Back When.

That brings me smiles, mayhaps wistful ones, but 
Smiles non-the-less; positively an ‘in-mind-place-
To-dwell.” So I’m sitting in my world at the end 
Of the bar. Not bothering anyone as Sunny or Tone

Fills up the glasses, hands out the beers and a 
Couple of sodas, as the space fills up too. Hey, 
It’s a bitch of a fugue, nothing I can do about it
until my favorite Sunny’s space dog comes in. 

It’s Lolli, followed by her human, Jack. She’s 
Just the one who won’t take a weak ‘no’ for an 
Answer. She walks her front paws up my back, 
if I don’t see her and give her a treat. So I come
Back into the here and now as she pushes against 
Me, pull her treat from my pocket and present her 
Her due. No choice, dogs are like that, you know.
So now I’m here, listening meeting people too.

Published in Pivot